Are you ready to Shift?

We are offering a 3-days program with experimential Workshops and Open Space.

OUR AGENDA in detail
Friday, Oct. 25 - Welcome!
Friday night begins with a LinkedIn Training about making an impact in collaboration with Barcelona Activa and local Barcelona professionals. Learn how to Position yourself as a thought leader and expert and actually enjoy posting.
Party Night
Then head over to the Poble Nou beach (15-minute walk) to meet the movers and shakers in the Change industry. Speakers, trainers, coaches, therapists, facilitators, and wise, well-meaning, unsolicited advice-givers who like psychology. Join us. The festival begins with dancing, games and speed connecting with drinks on the beach. You can meet locals of the city tonight. Seperate ticket will be available on Eventbrite.
Saturday, Oct. 26
Jump into your power with the world’s fastest way to overcome shame and fear of public ridicule. Hint: honk honk. Then swim into a session on quantum habits. How PsychK rewires the brain. 🧠 the choice of Therapy of Jessica and her friends- a revolutionary method about shift. Dry off in the hot sun of social experiments delivered by Thought Leaders in their highly interactive workshops. The focus is on experience- content is dead- content is on Chatgpt but we´re here together. This festival will have you rubbing shoulders with highly engaging presenters to deliver their habit-changing habits 🙂
Lunch will be delicious buffet style.
After lunch, we will have an Open Space section where you can offer your idea- a discussion, a game or even a philosophical walk on the beach (which is just a 7-minute walk from our venue Life in 360) Everyone can propose an idea for us to join in. Then dress up. It is the weekend before Halloween! Before dinner, we will enjoy another group session.
Dinner will be fabulously not Spanish- it will be from a part of town you might rarely spend time in. Raval. This cultural experience adds to theme of change. We will be in a part of town where differences are easy to see. There will be an experience about the United Nations SDG Sustainable development goals and you. Then dancing. Then sleeping. (We take the bus together from Poble Nou to dinner location).
Sunday, Oct. 27
Sunday begins with us together in Poble Nou- have we mentioned beach yoga yet? The day begins with an experience for the whole group and an Open Space where you contribute your ideas and we do them immediately. Might be about psychedelics, ecstatic dance or an experience with dopamine.
After Lunch we do a Quest at the Labyrinth of Barcelona, where you walk in silence and introspection based on the shifts you have committed to. You will have a chance to share with your festival buddy your insights.
An afternoon at the beach with Open Space activities ends the day. Bye Bye.
Your festival team

After 14+ successful events since 2009, founder Holger has passed the name and legend of Berlin Change Days onto long-time team members Brigitta and Melanie. This #goingtobelegendary event has been brewing in the mind of Jessica for years. She co-hosted the 2 virtual events with Holger in 2021 and 2022 and now- soon- this 2024 international festival is in Barcelona will be full of fun and fascinating folks. Oh yeah ! Beach baby!

Jessica Breitenfeld has designed an international conference for the Applied Improvisation Network in 2018 in her studio in Barcelona. Now, after helping organize 4 big events in her speaking associations, she wants to bring Change Makers to her city. Jessica is your hostess with the mostesses who will guarantee a good time- or your money back! Jess’ vision is to create a space where you meet industry leaders and mingle with change-makers and coaches who want to make an impact.

Jess is the vice president of the Barcelona Women’s Network, the founder of Barcelona’s premier Women’s only speaking Club and Europe’s Top female speaker in 2022. She has organized more than 60 events in BCN and online in the last 8 years. She has delivered in-person workshops at every European Toastmasters public speaking conference in Europe, plus Dubai, Nigeria, India, and London. She wants you to walk away more powerful, more connected and more tanned.


Festival Ticket Early Bird €269,00 (incl. VAT and Party Ticket, until Sep 30)

Festival Ticket €349,00 (incl. VAT, from Oct 1 onwards)

Me plus one Festival Ticket €489 (incl. VAT)

Low Income Ticket €219 (incl. VAT)

Friday Night Party Ticket €10

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