Winter Edition

December 3rd, 2022

Intimacy and Boundaries in an Open World
Contributing to the future by practising opening and closing the relational field we are part of

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Intimacy and boundaries – how is that related to what we are doing?

The Berlin Change Days look back at 14 years of history. On an annual base, we have been meeting, networking, learning and celebrating change. The time has changed us: when we started, the field of change management seemed to be clearly defined. We saw ourselves as a group of people who intended to help organisations, and the people within, to master change by developing transformation strategies and facilitating the implementation of those – to ease the pain which comes with change, so to say.
Over the years, the fog lifted and it became clearer that we are not only agents of change but subjects of change. The Covid-19 pandemics provided the final hint: if we wouldn’t change ourselves, why should others?
The field of collaboration has widened. Before Covid-19, our work was predominantly carried out in face-to-face meetings and workshops. Few coaches, facilitators or trainers would have considered online collaboration as a relevant substitute for meeting in person. It can’t be done online! was a mantra for most of us. Over the last two years we – like the organisations we work with – learned the hard way to appreciate the opportunity of moving part of the work into the virtual space. It worked better than we had anticipated!
At the same time, we can now cherish the moments in which we meet in person even more than before. In a time, when the pandemics is still not finally over, we make purposeful decisions on how to meet – virtually or in physical presence.

The Berlin Change Days Winter Edition will be one of those rare moments...

when we come together, face-to-face, to experience connectedness in a world full of disruption.

We will explore the meaning of intimacy and boundaries in the work with our clients. How is trust being built and maintained in a hybrid world? What do we know about each other’s? Should boundaries be dismantled or respected – or is this the wrong question? What do boundaries look like, feel like? What is the meaning of the relational field for high-performance teams? What strategies can be implemented to connect people across organisations? What boundaries do we impose on the relation to our outside? How can we – as a group of practitioners – overcome fragmentation?

Sat 3 Dec 2022
9:30 AM - 7:00 PM CET
bUM Berlin, 10999

Berlin Change Days
Winter Edition 2022

The format

Just one day

Sat 3 Dec 22

Other than in the past, we will meet for one day only (with the option of gathering the evening before in a nice location for having drinks together).

We will stay in the same big room together for the entire day, which will be facilitated by Jeanine Jansen and Jouke Kruijer.

A mix of large group interventions, small workshops, an Open Space session and – as you are used to – an engaging keynote will complement the program.


The agenda


Jillian Reilly

Our Facilitators

Jeanine Jansen

Jouke Kruijer


19h00 Story Circles
We will gather at a restaurant in Berlin

09h30 Opening
Coming together, meeting, experiencing connection

11h00 Workshops
Two rounds of interactive workshops

12h30 Lunch

14h00 More
Keynote by Jillian Reilly

15h00 Open Space

17h30 Continuing the Learning Journey

19h00 Closing
The workshops and the speakers

(more workshops will be announced soon - please check back)

We’re living in a time of More.  We have more choice than ever about how we work and live.  Our lives are made up of constant choices among abundant options, with the promise that we can be empowered architects of our own realities.  

But if we don’t know how to navigate these choices, we feel lost not liberated.  Overwhelmed by a bewildering too-muchness.  Exhausted by a grinding never-enoughness.

Boundaries dissolved by the demand for More.  

In this talk, Jill will explore how we leverage the promise of More by re-establishing our boundaries.  Starting by connecting with our desires and using them as our driver.  And how we reassert pleasure into conversations about human growth and change.

Jillian Reilly has spent her career working globally to help individuals and collectives realize their capability to make and manage change. As the founder of The Explorer’s Way she creates high impact, dynamic learning experiences that help clients lead and innovate in demanding, disruptive contexts.  As an author, public speaker and podcast host, she explores the intimate human side of changemaking.  Jillian is the author of the upcoming book MORE, , exploring how we better navigate the abundant chaos of the 21st century. 

Our polyvocality and musicality within systems

We are innately relational, dynamical beings. Through the pandemic, more than ever before, we have been using our voices to connect and collaborate. For many of us, sentences like “can you hear me?”, “you’re on mute!” have become part of a new business routine. Still, we hardly pay any attention to what we sound like. Let alone; dig into the endless variety of our own voices.

Jeanine Jansen has a ceaseless curiosity how to explore our dynamics in systems and groups, starting close in. One of the most intimate ways is through our voices with a musical ear.

The questions we’ll play with during our session: How are our voices (both metaphorically and literally) part of our relational repertoire? What boundaries do we encounter when we do voicework? And what opens up in terms of knowing when we listen to ourselves in systems? 

Jeanine will offer an experimental, embodied exploration of our dynamical selves. Her purpose is to bring musicality in how we listen to ourselves and others in systems.

Oh Captain My Captain

The road towards New Work is riddled with pitfalls. Most of them stem from human behaviour. We are supposed to manage systems and not people and still as humans we need new ways of thinking and acting. We all learn that modern leaders are expected to show a growth mindset, humility, and vulnerability. 

In Jaana’s experience, successful implementation of transformation fails mostly because of a lack of leadership-communication, including showing vulnerability and humility. In her workshop, Jaana shares her insights on successful leadership communication for transformation and change and we discuss, how leaders and change-makers can sharpen their communication skills:

• creating psychological safety by using strategic stories
• walking the line between intimacy and boundaries in sharing personal stories
• the power of nothing: When to speak and when to be silent

Uncovering a Missing Piece

From four ways of thinking needed for regenerative systemic change, most people in the western hemisphere use mainly two! 

With the work we are doing in our EU co-funded CADRA project we can show an important missing piece in the way we think. A piece that is crucial for our cognitive and social-emotional maturity, heavily impacting our capacity to relate to ourselves, each other and the whole in a healthy way. How can we become able to be intimate and set boundaries, if we can’t think ”relation“? Bring a question that you sit with and join me for a journey into your fluid mind. You will uncover a way of holistic perception that is fundamental for how we show up and take the lead in these times.

Intimacy on a Stick

As practitioners we associate intimacy with closeness. When we do an exercise that immerses participants in an intimate experience, we say afterwards: Let’s take a step back and make sense of what this was about. The sensemaking process is typically a rational process that involves talking. We say thing like:  it was about ‘this’ and not about ‘that.’ We make distinctions. We create boundaries. And we lose the intimacy of the experience.

The question I want to address in this workshop is: Can we make sense and stay intimately connected to the experience at the same time? 

I will invite participants to paint each others portraits using a brush attached to a long stick. Working this way we have the intimacy of the experience of painting but also have a overview of what we are doing. This experiment is  about creating an  embodied experience of sensemaking that does not foreground our rational minds. 

Connectedness in Hybrid Teams

The concept of the workplace has changed fundamentally as a result of the Covid-19 pandemics. In many organisations, employees have been granted “homeoffice days” – in some companies the choice of the workplace is even left entirely to individuals and/or to the workteams.

How can teams maintain their productivity and how can the members of the teams stay connected? Holger, who has written a book on the topic, will lead us into an experimental session in which we will explore how our antennas can be widened – no matter how we connect to each others.

Activating and Mobilizing the Human Factor

How technology will help us bring more humanity into the world.  

What if just a single link could transport us all to a better place. A place full of respect, appreciation and gratitude, where empathy and compassion become the new baseline of our every interaction. 

Where we connect and engage fully to become the best version of ourselves every single day. And collectively activate the human spirit to illuminate the world around us. 

Please join us in an extraordinary one-click experience of this new operating system for a better and more human future. 

Our Covid-19 policy

We will meet in a large room of more than 200 square meter and the maximum amount of attendees will be 60 people.

We will comply with the regulations of the national and local governments (Germany/City of Berlin) at the time of the event. We will ask you to test yourself in the morning of the event – a self-test will be sufficient. In case of a positive Covid-19 test, we ask you not to attend. Your fee will be reimbursed.

We will provide you with FFP2 masks at the place of the venue. Whether we will require you to wear a mask will depend on pandemics scenario in early December 2022.

In the very unlikely scenario of a governmental ban of face-to-face events of that size, we will convert the meeting into an online event.