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The power of ONE word

Sakshi Bansal & Yannis Angelis

Every spoken word holds weight. However, strings of words are often disregarded, ignored, and shoved aside quickly and painfully. Other times, one word is enough to bring transformative change in someone’s journey, narrative, and actions. We want the participants to walk away with a deeper understanding of: – Creating more impact with less words – Powerful communication – Intentionality of chosen word. We hope the participants stay with this idea as they go through the three days at BCD, at the end of which we will collect words from the participants that made them either pause, think or change.

# reWilding our work lives

by Christian Koch & Rouzbeh Tavakkoli

The last two years have been like a collective „unfreezing“ of our work lives. The pandemic forced us to embrace new ways of thinking and working that seemed like distant utopias. So what if we use this momentum of change that is still prevalent for rewilding instead of refreezing old patterns?

Rewilding means returning a managed area back to the wild, reintroducing species that have been lost. We will play with this metaphor to transform limiting beliefs and habitualized routines that significantly shape our professional experience. Through the application of embodiment practices, we will quite literally step outside of our comfort zone, reimagining and rewilding the way we work.

A Short meaningful performance

by Vesa Purokuru

Music & Poetry

by Nik Beeson

On Community Building

by Sabrina Lucidi

by Katharina Erlacher, Katherina Longariva

Sustainable Products Lab

by Monica Margoni & Philipp von Hellberg

Die 17 globalen Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung der Agenda 2030, die Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), richten sich an alle: die Regierungen weltweit, die Zivilgesellschaft, die Privatwirtschaft und die Wissenschaft. Was fehlt, sind Mindset, Ansätze, Werkzeuge, um die Nachhaltigkeit im alltäglichen Handeln umzusetzen. Wir wollen Theorie und Praxis verbinden: ein gemeinwohlorientiertes Wirtschaftsmodell mit dem Design von nachhaltigen Produkten und Dienstleistungen. In dieser Session schaffen wir ein Lernfeld, in dem wir die Bausteine einer gemeinwohlorientierten Wirtschaft kennen lernen und Prototypen von nachhaltigen Produkten und Dienstleistungen gemeinsam designen.

Alte Schule Neustift: Alte Schule, Neues Leben

by Gerhard Kleiner, Michael Beissmann

BASIS as a Peace Project

by Hannes Goetsch

Intro: Inner Development Goals (IDG)

by Kaa Faensen

AI: Artistic Interventions

by Daniel Hoernemann

Back to the roots, towards ourself

by Evelyne Piergentili

BASIS is surrounded by nature. 20 years ago the military base was closed. Just as it is supposed to happen in a natural cycle of life, over time it transformed, seeds landed, grew, some expanded, some died. Huge Cedar trees, guardian of the former entrance are still there and not only them. Together we will explore how nature is winning back its territories, overgrowing culture. We will dive deep into (our) nature and into the energy of the place, which is our teacher. Exploring the inner garden we have been cultivating and discover what the nature mirrors us.

eigenland – IDG connect.

by Utz Staiger

We know that organizations already have everything they need to be successful. The crucial difference is made precisely when teams can contribute directly their experience and knowledge. You will experience how to shape change and transformation topics from within with joy and ease. At the Change Days goes Alpine you become the acting beings. With the Human-Centered Approach we offer you an innovative format at the Summit for Change. All participants will be involved in an active and playful way. Moreover they will be encouraged, for instance, to rethink and reshape Leadership through the lenses of their experiences and ideas conjointly, taking into account the Sustainable and Inner Development Goals.

The power of presence in encounters

by Vesa Purokuru

In this workshop we search Here and Now. We explore and experience:
How to become present and conscious in a holistic way
How being present makes difference and creates meaningful meetings.
How past, future and absence directs and disturbs us.
How letting go of the expectations and agenda will welcome creative flow.

We work with safety, slowing down and finding our own consciousness to connect, feel, compassion, co-creation..

Hybrid Working in Analog Spaces

by Holger Nauheimer, Udo Maar

We all accepted the office as the place to work for a pretty long time. That has changed and working flexibly in terms of time, space and location is fully accepted now. Does that mean, that we don’t need the old office building anymore? Why do we still go to the office? What does the office look like in the future and how will it be used by hybrid teams? During the workshop with Holger and Udo, we will explore these questions on the basis of the five levels of change and the three tiers of influence. We will co-create a manifesto for the office building for hybrid teams.

Playful Experience

by Iwan Hofer

Wie kann das Spiel ein Zugang sein zur inneren Entwicklung und Potentialentfaltung?
Erlebnis- und Spielorientierte Exkursion nach Meran

„Wie können wir Menschen in einem Zustand bringen, wo sie druckfrei agieren können, ohne eigene Vorstellung an sich selbst, wo alles von ihnen abfällt, was sie bis jetzt getrieben hat. Ein Zustand zu kreieren, wo eine Begabung, ein Talent, das noch gar nicht zur Entfaltung gebracht wurde, das ist ein Potential, sichtbar wird. Dieser besondere Zustand, wo das gelingt, halten sie sich fest, heißt das Spiel.“ – Gerald Hüter, Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

Exkursion nach Meran, ein spielerisches Rendezvous mit dem Unbekannten im Escaperoom und bei einer digitalen Schatzsuche durch die Stadt. Ein Erlebnis das eine Brücke schlägt vom Analogen bis zum Digitalen, von der Stille bis zur Lebendigkeit.

Dancing through change

by Sarah Glenister

As we begin to emerge from being totally virtual, have we forgotten how to be with others?
Has virtual meant the reduction of the art of Change to condensed one-hour zoom business?
Have we forgotten the etiquette and niceties of hosting and leading people through Change?

In this workshop we will explore the process of inviting people into a change process and what it takes to maintain that connection until the end. We’ll do this through learning some very fundamental Swing Dancing moves and having lots of fun. Previous dance experience not required.

Connect with Humor and Humanness/ Clown’s Search for meaning/ The Quest journey

by Jessica Breitenfeld

Theatrical clown teaches us many things about being vulnerable. Exploring sides of ourselves as a Gestaltic process allows us to try on new behaviours without risk. When they result in unexpected feelings- we then learn to deal with and laugh about how new they felt in a safe environment. We learn how to sustain energized presence, enjoy spontaneity; how to deal with rejection with humanness and humor. Best of all- clown helps us accept our own unique adorableness, which helps us to be more authentic, speak so our ideas heard and find our purpose- our calling. Ideas and games can be used by facilitators in their normal trainings to develop #Psychologicalsafety

Emotions at work, food for healthy workplaces

by Elisa Conti

The language of the emotions is our first way to communicate. Nevertheless we struggle to recognize it and understand that the emotions are fundamental in order to think, act, work. Even if the effects of the Covid make it clear, the comprehension and management of the emotions is not always welcome at the individual level and even more inside the organization. Working in a supportive, inclusive and emotionally healthy system brings an added value in terms of benefits not only for the wellness of the people who act in the system but also about the effectiveness of the way of working. In this workshop we would like to share with you some ways to highlight the role of the emotions in the workplace, for well regulated systems and functional working teams.

Going beyond the boundaries of familiar senses through a cross-sensing experiment

When entering an organization as change agents, some of us set ourselves “as an instrument” by using our senses to harvest information, and diagnose an existing situation. However, in this process, there is a danger that the sense that is felt in the “here & now” (e.g. smell) is informed by the sense which is already familiar (smelling).
So, how can we cross the boundaries that restrict our senses to their familiar epistemology and build a bridge for a new kind of senses to be made via this cross-sensing experiment so that new possibilities, new ideas, and new descriptions can come out of that?
The question that we will explore is: What kind of senses inform other senses and how?
This innovative “synesthetic” approach invites us to move away from offering, and participants from receiving, methods and tools that have been designed in a different timing, addressing a very different world than it is now.

Making kindness stick

The concept of “Kindness” is not new, but the word has intrigued leaders and change-makers in recent years. Is kindness just another fad or can we make it stick? Can kindness be related to power, profits and productivity? This session offers an opportunity to explore the concept of kindness and redefine it together.
Participants will walk away with:

  • A deeper understanding of what kindness is and isn’t
  • A felt sense of kindness and how to bring it alive in our day to day interactions
  • An understanding of how kindness itself is a strategy for true change

Being open to gifts: self-care, resilience, and delight while climbing your inner mountains

What changes when we cultivate loving self-compassion with an intention to improvise joyfully with Life as we climb our inner mountains? We are able to perceive more gifts for our souls, have greater resilience, and belly laugh more. In this 90-minute, highly experiential workshop we practice improvisation mindsets and practice which help us in all aspects of life, and especially when we are exploring unknown, complex, and challenging terrain. When we allow for more softness, love, and lightness, we have the energy to be transformed for the better by our challenges. This is what we will explore together.

Playful Experience

Wie kann das Spiel ein Zugang sein zur inneren Entwicklung und Potentialentfaltung?
Erlebnis- und Spielorientierte Exkursion nach Meran

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Dancing through change

In this workshop we will explore the process of inviting people into a change process and what it takes to maintain that connection until the end. We’ll do this through

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Making kindness stick

Every spoken word holds weight.
Sakshi Bansal & Taslim Tharani

The concept of “Kindness” is not new, but the word has intrigued leaders and change-makers in recent years. Is kindness just

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