Our polyvocality and musicality within systems

We are innately relational, dynamical beings. Through the pandemic, more than ever before, we have been using our voices to connect and collaborate. For many of us, sentences like “can you hear me?”, “you’re on mute!” have become part of a new business routine. Still, we hardly pay any attention to what we sound like. Let alone; dig into the endless variety of our own voices.

Jeanine Jansen has a ceaseless curiosity how to explore our dynamics in systems and groups, starting close in. One of the most intimate ways is through our voices with a musical ear.

The questions we’ll play with during our session: How are our voices (both metaphorically and literally) part of our relational repertoire? What boundaries do we encounter when we do voicework? And what opens up in terms of knowing when we listen to ourselves in systems? 

Jeanine will offer an experimental, embodied exploration of our dynamical selves. Her purpose is to bring musicality in how we listen to ourselves and others in systems.