We’re living in a time of More.  We have more choice than ever about how we work and live.  Our lives are made up of constant choices among abundant options, with the promise that we can be empowered architects of our own realities.  

But if we don’t know how to navigate these choices, we feel lost not liberated.  Overwhelmed by a bewildering too-muchness.  Exhausted by a grinding never-enoughness.

Boundaries dissolved by the demand for More.  

In this talk, Jill will explore how we leverage the promise of More by re-establishing our boundaries.  Starting by connecting with our desires and using them as our driver.  And how we reassert pleasure into conversations about human growth and change.

Jillian Reilly has spent her career working globally to help individuals and collectives realize their capability to make and manage change. As the founder of The Explorer’s Way she creates high impact, dynamic learning experiences that help clients lead and innovate in demanding, disruptive contexts.  As an author, public speaker and podcast host, she explores the intimate human side of changemaking.  Jillian is the author of the upcoming book MORE, , exploring how we better navigate the abundant chaos of the 21st century.