Going beyond the boundaries of familiar senses through a cross-sensing experiment

When entering an organization as change agents, some of us set ourselves “as an instrument” by using our senses to harvest information, and diagnose an existing situation. However, in this process, there is a danger that the sense that is felt in the “here & now” (e.g. smell) is informed by the sense which is already familiar (smelling).
So, how can we cross the boundaries that restrict our senses to their familiar epistemology and build a bridge for a new kind of senses to be made via this cross-sensing experiment so that new possibilities, new ideas, and new descriptions can come out of that?
The question that we will explore is: What kind of senses inform other senses and how?
This innovative “synesthetic” approach invites us to move away from offering, and participants from receiving, methods and tools that have been designed in a different timing, addressing a very different world than it is now.